5 Forms of love

In my opinion, love come in several forms and sometimes they can shift into another type of love.

What's the different forms of love I'm talking about? Check out below some different types of love.

Unconditional love. The perfect form of love, true love, and the impossible, unachievable for some people, unconditional love speaks for itself, known as true altruism, love that has no condition whatsoever, no boundaries, unchanging. It's often more 'common' through family members, parenting, a mother loving their children unconditionally, knowing no boundaries of love towards them.

I believe there is unconditional love between lovers as well, but they are already rare, even more, rare in relationships, loving your partner fully for who they are and not desiring to change anything is extremely difficult to think about it, but I rather be a believer that there is love like that out there than not believing at all. Some people say that unconditional love is a perfect form of love, but impossible in reality. Parents giving the condition to their children to change/mature can be unconditional love, the difference could be out of love they want their children content with themselves in the future, that's a form of love as well, and the condition is not going to change the love, but rather the treatment.

Conditional love By far the most common form of love, certain conditions have to be met to love someone or something. Putting a condition to love is based on your own needs, while love is a powerful feeling towards someone there are conditions to keep that love stable or growing, it doesn't meet the expectations the common ' fall out of love' happens. It's pretty common to fall in love with someone at the start of the relationship because of who they are, and as time goes by, you get to know who they truly are and end up "falling out of love". Since the ' real ' part of us will crawl back as the relationship develops, be yourself!

Selfless love. It's close to unconditional love, but it's not destructive or negative for their loved ones. Destructive or negative to unconditional love means that even having an unchanging love knowing no boundaries, a parent can still 'punish' their children for what they feel what's best for them, they do that out of love, thinking about their future. Selfless love is giving everything for their loved ones without asking or having any expectations in return, they give and give what their loved one needs, even after giving everything and being empty, they will still try to give what they don't have, emotionally, material, whatever their loved one needs without caring about themselves, it's very common to one-sided love to be selfless. Being extremely destructive to him depending on how much the other will take without giving anything back.

Selfish love. Being essentially the opposite of selfless love, selfish love is a taker, take and rarely gives anything, they are in constant need of material and emotional support, and they love to be fed. selfish love can hardly be considered 'love' since loving is giving, but there is the giving side of selfish love that does that to get it back, so I guess it could be called love as well, they do have ulterior motives but doesn't mean they don't fall in love.

Platonic love. Love someone, but at the same time doesn't love them, they love what they are idealizing about someone. It's an idealization of someone, the perfect partners, putting them into a pedestal and idolizing them in our minds, to discover the disappointment when you finally meet them and you discover who they are have nothing to do with what you thought they were, it's a form of love, a love for something that doesn't exist in reality, the only reality is the selected image that was idealized. There are more forms of love out there, partial to different forms of love, but these are the most common ones and base for subforms of love out there.
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