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Stop looking for your passion.

Do you remember what you used to do when you were a kid? You would just do things. You never thought to yourself what utility, reward or merit you would have for playing soccer or basketball, you used to run everywhere, played tag, hide and seek or were digging holes hoping that you would find a buried treasure.

Nobody told you to do it, you just did. The curiosity, fun, and excitement led you to do those things.

And do you know what used to be perfect at that time? If you hated soccer, you just stopped playing. there was no guilt involved. No debate or arguings. If your parents did not tell you what to do then was all about either you liked or not, period.

If you loved to build sand castles, you just did that. You just loved without any second-level analysis of, "Well, building sand castles is really what I should be doing of my life as a kid? I'm weird by building sand castles? How my future will be affected if I keep pilling sand like I'm doing right now?"

You did not…

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