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Are you in a conditional relationship?

When I was a kid there were some social groups in my classroom, 
the cool kids, and the nerds, and there were some other kinds of nerds - me. And despite the fact that we studied for years together, we rarely mixed up together, everyone was with their own group and that happened because we felt good about being in a specific group of people or social group not the otherwise. The cool kids feel even cooler by hanging out with the cool kids, the nerds feel even more nerds for hanging out with the nerds and in the end, everyone felt good.

If you ask why we didn't mix our social groups there was a simple reason for that. If a nerd hangs out with a popular kid, the popular kid would become less popular and judged by the other cool kids for hanging out with someone who wasn't cool and the same would happen to the nerd.

It's a mind game of saying that we love people that we don't love and that we hate people we actually love just to keep appearances and feel better about ourselv…


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