What we can learn about a dog owner

Have you ever thought about how much you can tell about someone who owns a pet? Some people can tell, a lot can't! 
    We all had situations that we wanted to know more about someone but we didn't know how to do that, we lack so much information about someone that leave us standing to try to get any piece of information of someone before we initiate contact, well if you are like that, welcome to my club! If you don't have that problem this post will still be useful for you since we are going to actually see something so simple can hold so much information about an individual being.

Having a dog or a cat reflects deeply on someone personality. Are you more into a car or you are a motorcycle person? Are you a home person or a party wild person? As you can see everyone have their own preferences and liking in their lifestyle, but I'm here to talk about how much you can learn from people who have a dog or a cat. If you ask me "Why?", well, there is so much information to the core about someone who owns a beautiful living creature like cats or dogs, that actually have substance in terms of knowing their likings.

You can learn much more about someone personality than any pictures of their Instagram, Facebook than you can think, trust me. While we can see what places they like to go or what they like do in their pictures. We can grasp a little bit about them, they are adventurous climbing mountains, they are party freaks, they spend so much time to get in that facial expression and take that selfie, but let me tell you what you can learn key information about their personalities based on their pet preference. I have to talk about this creature.

I had dogs in my childhood till my <b>"teenager"</b> years. Lot's of dogs! Had a lot of different 'races', stray dogs, Akita, German Sheppard, poodle, husky and the list goes on, different races have different traits, but we have to go too deep to talk about that so I'll try to make it simple, long but simple.

A dog lives in packs in nature like wild dogs( yes they exist ), being a canine species like wolves they live their life surround by their families, friends. Domestic dogs are the same, they love others company, obviously their owners. They love their owners unconditionally.

Dog loves his keeper/owner, they are probably the most loyal being that most people will ever have ( i miss my dogs *sob). It's actually really hard to compete with this canine when we talk about loyalty, you might be a loyal person, but you have no idea how loyal they are if you never had one. They get happy when they see their owners, happy sitting next to us,  they can fetch twig for hours if you keep playing with him happily ( quality time for most dogs ), they are overly clingy and needy creatures that love any kind gesture towards them.

The facts about dog owners, they love company, they love loyalty, they love the positiveness and happy people, usually, dog owners are more extroverted(not my case) then introverted, they are more social, interactive and accepting people. We can say their likings are a mirror of their dog traits, of course, the intensity depends on how connected and passionate they are about their four-legged friends. So higher dog maniac she/he is more to important is loyalty, companionship, caring, clingy( this one is tricky, he/she have to be insane into dogs to love clingy people).

When we are passionate about someone or a living thing we give the love and caring we secretly or openly love the same, just like a mirror. Think like this if your friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, like to show his/her affections through insane amounts of texts every day she/he will love you even more if you reciprocate that or if she/he loves to gossip all the time they will like you, even more, to hear you gossiping as well, you see, when we are passionate/love something we love the mirror, we are the love we give.

We can assume that who love and keep a dog because they are passionate about them, love their traits, the love and care they give to their four-legged, he's giving back to you much more love and affection in return.

Loving ourselves is knowing what we need, what we like, being able to love something else means that your self-love is being kept and fed. Love feeds on love.

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