Stop looking for your passion.

Do you remember what you used to do when you were a kid? You would just do things. You never thought to yourself what utility, reward or merit you would have for playing soccer or basketball, you used to run everywhere, played tag, hide and seek or were digging holes hoping that you would find a buried treasure.

Nobody told you to do it, you just did. The curiosity, fun, and excitement led you to do those things.

And do you know what used to be perfect at that time? If you hated soccer, you just stopped playing. there was no guilt involved. No debate or arguings. If your parents did not tell you what to do then was all about either you liked or not, period.


If you loved to build sand castles, you just did that. You just loved without any second-level analysis of, "Well, building sand castles is really what I should be doing of my life as a kid? I'm weird by building sand castles? How my future will be affected if I keep pilling sand like I'm doing right now?"

You did not analyze things like that. If you liked something, you just did.

How do I find My passion?

It's funny how many people tell me they do NOT know what they are passionate about, what tickles them, what they love or what makes them happy. And when they ask me if I have any idea where they should start looking for or where they can find their passion.

And when I answer that question by asking, " what makes you happy?", they don't know. And when I ask,"What you used to like, love when you were children?", they have no clue either.


The truth is that no matter how hard I try helping them, I have no fucking clue. If you don't know what you are passionate about, what makes you think a guy who pays his bills from working as a sushi chef and write a blog for a hobby will know? I'm a blog writer, not a psychologist or a fortune teller.

But what they don't understand is what I really want to say to them is this: the whole point is "not knowing". Life is all about not knowing, and doing something anyway. All of life is like this. And just because you found what you are passionate about doesn't mean that it's going to make things easier for you finding out that you love cleaning bathrooms or being a makeup artist.

The most common complaint I get among those people is that they need to ' find their passion.'

*Sighs. You already found your passion, you are just ignoring it. Seriously, you sleep an average of 8h a day and have regular dreams about something. You stay up for 16h a day, what the fuck you do in all that time? You are doing something, obviously. You are talking about something, something that dominates a significant part of your talks, ideas, thoughts in your free time, browsing the web over your interests, and it's fucking there! Unconsciously or consciously looking or not, it's there!


Can't you see it? It's right in front of you, on your dreams, talks, thoughts. You are just avoiding it. For whatever reason, you are avoiding. You are telling yourself " Well, yeah, I love video games but that doesn't count. Because you can't make money with that."

Seriously? Fuck you. Have you even tried? 

There are thousands of professional players or what about all the game designers, history tellers, game testers and etc....Everything in life can and will become some sort of monetization, yeah, you heard me welcome to capitalism.

The problem is not the lack of passion for something. The problem is the perception. The productivity. The acceptance.

The problem is the, "it's not a realistic option" or "my parents would judge or kill me if I did this or that, they say I should be an engineer" or "that's childish and immature"


The problem isn't passion. It's never passion in any form. It's priorities.

It was never the lack of passion, but priorities. The priorities that held you to do what you are passionate about.

And even then, who said that you have to make money from what you love? I love exposing my ideas and using practically all my free time and I don't earn a dime, and there is nothing to add to my sushi job. But I'm passionate about it and thus why I write, despite making money or improving my job. And yes of course if I could live from writing I would do that, smart ass.

Your passion doesn't have to be your income, you can have a job/work and in your free time, you can pursue your passion.

I'm passionate about what I do, but that doesn't mean that I love every fucking second of it. At least 1/3 of the time I hate the pain of writing, the edition, proofreading, formatting the ideas. There is no such thing as doing a passionate activity that will never be worn you out, never get stressed or never complain. It doesn't exist.

Get this. If you think that finding your passion and do that you will feel happy all the time and never tired, stressed or will never complain about it, then keep dreaming and fantasizing.

I have a friend that keeps complaining about not knowing the reason of his life and says that he's not passionate about anything, but whenever someone asks him what he wants to do in his life, that's the moment he starts talking for 3 days nonstop philosophically about mundane life, of his poor existence towards the magnitude of the universe with a strange smile on his face. And when he finally finishes he says "I don't have any passions", are you serious? He eats books of philosophy for breakfast, joins discussions on Reddit and forums over political and religious conspiracies, and to him, he doesn't have a passion, just ignoring, refusing to believe in his passion.

Children's don't go Disney and ask himself ''How should I have fun?" They just go there and have fun. Of course, you are not a child anymore, but your passions have nothing to do with your age either.

The truth is if you have to look for what you enjoy, then you are not going to enjoy anything. If you already enjoy something. You already love many things, you are just choosing to ignore them.

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