The best gift we got when they left us

"Life can still be beautiful, meaningful, fun, and fulfilling even if things don’t turn out the way you planned." ~ Lori Deschene

Everyone wants to keep our loved ones forever, but it's so common for them to leave us when we least expect. The pain that comes after is excruciating like your heart is being crushed over and over again till you finally get used and start living a normal life once again.

But how going through that pain can have any gift? If you just went through a breakup you might not get it right now, but trust me, the best gift will come when you realize what you went through.

Experience is the gift they left us if you are thinking it's a crap gift I dare you to read first before jumping to conclusions.

At some point, everyone will face a heartbreak moment and many people stop believing in love as they used to, while it should be the opposite. Look back to your past and you can remember your first kiss, the warmth of their hugs, the whispers, their smiles made your heart race so much you thought you were having a heart attack, do you remember how happy you were?

But it's gone now, it's okay to miss them after remembering the good old days, but instead of focusing on them, I want you to focus on you, how you felt, all the love you had for someone, or still have, look how you were in that time.

Do you remember how shiny you were? Happy, smiling and having the motivation to tackle the world with your lover?

What if I tell you that radiance you had has nothing to do with your partner? Of course, they were the trigger since you were in love, but that's your love! It's how you felt about someone, all the feelings are yours.

The love and care you had come from you, and now you know who you are when loving someone, that's your light, that's what you have, and no one can take that away from you, with time you will understand how much you can give in the name of love.

I talked about the good days, but what about the bad days? This gift is even better from knowing how you are when you are loving someone.

"Everyone heard of  "no pain no gain" right? And that applies here as well, through pain we gain the knowlodge to live better."

Step back and dwell on the past again, look for all the reds flags: lack of commitment, care, love, lies, selfishness they had, all the fights, all the bad things they did, the things you have done out of anger or even being childish, try remembering what triggered your bad behaviors.

Look through what they did that hurt you, disappointed you, don't look only for the good moments, try to remember as many bad moments as well.

After they left and you could detox from them you finally can see without the rose-colored glasses you had, just ask yourself what you wanted, what they lacked. All the heated quarrel over something you wanted and they couldn't compromise or you couldn't.

The best they gave you was being able to experience who you are, what you wanted, what you have to change to improve you as a human being, to understand what you need in future, to be able to love your imperfections, to be able to love your perfections.

"Life is an experience you can only have by living, and there is no better experience than love."
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