There is a right time to say i love you?

The feeling of being loved, the feeling we have when we are in love, the way we see the world when in we are in love.... love, love, love. 

The highlights of the relationship are the very first things you do with your lover, but the first ' I love you ' is probably the juiciest part, and back to the question, there is a right time to say 'I love you'?

Yes, and no, but if you are wondering, if you should say or not, maybe knowing a few things about you can help you answer that question.

Love is universal, but it's different from person to person, discovering what kind of [Love] you have, can help you on your decision to either tell them or not, learning what you love, and how you love can give you a different point of view.

Fear of rejection.


Who isn't afraid of rejection with someone you fell in love with? It's pretty common to be petrified of giving the first step, but the question is should I say or not?

First, ask yourself, are you in love? how you feel about all the idea of saying I love you? If you are sure you are in love who am I to ask how you feel lol. But, what's more, important for you, telling them how you feel or be sure if they feel the same?


Feeling scared is normal in these situations, after all, who wants to be one who says 'I love you' and *crickets.                                                                     
If you think it's more important telling them how you feel instead of being sure how they feel about you, then you should say, despite the time, since there isn't any, what matters here is how you feel, and if someone can't accept how you feel, why you should be with them anyway?

Everyone has their own time to say the ILY words, if you said and didn't hear back, let them digest if they feel the same they will eventually say it back, there are several reasons that people get confused on whether they should say or not, love has different meanings to some, some see as full commitment while others see as caring gesture or just cute words, saying I love you and loving someone is different.

Things are great and I'm scared of what's going to happen if I say or hear 'I love you'.


Everyone wants to keep the great times going on forever, that's natural, and now you feel that saying ' I love you ' might spoil everything.

Ask yourself how you feel, how they feel, just because no one said the ILY words yet doesn't mean that both of you are not in love already, the chance of you two being in love is actually pretty high.

We don't have to say ' i love you ' to be in love with them.

But if you feel that saying I love you might bring some sort of serious commitment that can affect the relationship that you love right now, then you should reconsider and mature the idea before saying, maybe even discussing with your partner could be a good idea.

Things are moving too fast!


You have that feeling that everything is going fast paced and you can't keep it up! 'Air please, I'm suffocating! You do have feelings for him, but you are not sure if it's love, you feel confused, overwhelmed, or even worse, you have that feeling that the ' I love you " is coming and now you are freaking out.

The anxiety strikes a critical hit, you start thinking if you love him, you don't know if you are going to say 'I love you' back, you only know that you don't know nothing anymore.

Step back and breathe, you can tell your partner that everything is so fast-paced and you can't keep it up. Slow down the pace where you can think clearly about how you feel, and when you will know when you are ready.

Too much happening right now.

  You are focusing on your work, college, career or anything that a relationship can get in the way, but you have feelings for someone, but you are not ready to commit.

Just because you feel like saying I love you, or they said it first, doesn't mean you have to drop everything you are working for, anyone who really loves you won't halt you from your dreams and hard work for the sake of the relationship, doesn't mean you will have to live with them as well, of course, relationship takes time and effort, but if they agreed with you that you don't have much time due to your daily life and they agree, what's the harm?

Overthinking about changes isn't ideal right now, you are already busy with your routine, so just tag along when you feel like it, whenever you have time. If in the process you end up falling in love, or if you already are in love, saying or not, you already love them, an ILY word is just stating to the other with words what you feel for them, but stating or not, the feelings are there already. What's going to change if you tell them how you feel? Great times if it's mutual! That's what is going to happen.


Be sure you love them and that's supposed to be enough for telling your feelings to your lover, saying 'I love you' to someone you love is a great feeling, it's freedom from your long-awaited anxiety that you were suffering.

What are you waiting to tell your loved ones how you feel about them?
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