Fake love?

We all had or will have a moment in our lives that we will ask ourselves if they truly love us or not. But how can we determine what's real or not?

"Love is something that you build with time and effort, from both sides".

There are two types of fake love. Unintentional and intentional.


Love is a complicated emotion. people may misunderstand and mistake what they feel for someone with love when probably is a "love intoxication" or the simple fact that they think they are in love after all its normal to jump to conclusions what love is, the concept of love is something that has been talked through centuries and we finally achieved an agreement what love is. It's not about you, it's about them.


Humans are naturally selfish and self-centered. And they know how to to use "love" to their advantage to get what they want from their victims. Since love is a powerful emotion that we barely have the control that brings people out of their sanity.

They will fake love to get laid, for money, success. It could be anything

The two most common cases of faking love are for money and sex.


Men are the most common case to use fake love to get under panties. Men care so much about sex that they will lie, fake feelings they don't have yet or will never have to get what they want. Men feel strong and alive, connected from sex, thus why the drive to get laid is okay for them to lie and manipulate women feelings who want to feel safe, connected and loved for opening their legs to sweet whispers.


Women are the most common to win this round over men, while money gives us all the security about our futures and the instinct feeling secure about future is a higher need in women lives than man and they can fake their feelings to achieve that. And what men want the most? Sex, power, love.

Those are the two most common case of selfishness that keeps us asking if our partner truly loves us or not.

Now how do we see through that fake love?

Trust me there are some people out there that you can't, and will probably never see through, you might suspect, but everything they do make you feel loved, even tho they don't love you, confusing right? Maybe they love and they don't, but here are some tips to see if they do.
  • They are concerned about their needs first.
  • Will only move if there is a benefit for them.
  • Can't compromise after a fight.
  • When everything resumes to sex.
  • Love knows and understands you. Fake love doesn't get it.
  • Stay during your success. They leave when there is none.
  • Manipulative/Controlling behavior.
  • Blame game.
  • Lack of commitment.

The more checks you have in the above list, higher the chance to be a fake love, heads up, that works for you as well, maybe you have feelings for them, maybe you don't, you will be able to relate with that list if you are faking.

Fake love can become love with time like I said before, love is something that both works to achieve that, if both are emotionally invested in the relationship a fake love can become a true love.

Fake love can also be misunderstood at the beginning of the relationship due to the "love intoxication, drug addiction" phase, or the famous "love at first sight" since it's an overwhelming attraction, passion at first glance that can become love in future if both are willing to work their differences together.

Love comes in several forms, it's up to you which one is the best since everyone sees love as one, but all love we had before was unique in their own way. And there are several layers, stages of a relationship to get into "love".

Just remember when someone loves you, they care about you, instead of caring only for themselves. And when we love them, we do for them, not for us, it's not a chore to love someone, it's amazing to love someone. You can't help to love love and love them.
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